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Welcome. We are FOOT. We're a gaming community focused on competition and camaraderie, without the usual BS that accompanies online gaming. More than that, however, we are a new breed of gamers, elite through talent as well as dedication, intelligence, and leadership. We're not just another clan, faction, or guild. FOOT is a method of gaming, a state of mind, and a way of life. Our mission is to take gaming to a whole new level, leaving our mark on it in every possible way.

Anyone interested in joining us needs to hit "Register" to get started. You can find our rules and regulations in our forums before signing up, we recommend you understand what you're becoming a part of before trying to join. Members are required to frequent the site and forums regularly. Thanks, and see you out there.

In an effort to reclaim something we've lost over the past year, FOOT will re-assume our role as a simple gaming clan, whose members shall retain unhindered freedom on their choice of games as well as their activity within those games chosen.

FOOT does not focus on professional competition, but rather the players themselves. It shall henceforth be a community based gaming clan, bringing both news and forums to a growing community. Our aim is still and will always be to assimilate the best gamers from all genres, and tie them together under one banner. We shall not require that members give anything to this community, but will receive any services, support, and representation with the utmost appreciation. FOOT is a brotherhood, a place for gamers to meet like-minded and similarly talented peers, and for this reason being a member of the FOOT clan should be a matter of pride.

Governing of FOOT shall be carried out by a small group of core members who have shown loyalty and respect to FOOT and its values, and their rulings shall be in the best interest of the clan and its overall identity.

At its core stand a few simple rules which shall not be compromised:

1. Reflect your values in your actions: Understand that all gamers are people on the other end of the connection, and should not be abused without reason. Likewise, our public gaming shall be pure, and void of intentional abuse of game mechanics, hacking, or cheating of any kind.

2. Being a member of FOOT is a privilege: Representing FOOT in a positive manner should always be a member's intention. If it becomes known that a member is intentionally misrepresenting the FOOT clan, that member may be unwelcome at clan events or within the clan entirely.

3. Skill defines the player: Members already accepted or those seeking to join this gaming clan should always press to improve themselves and their teammates, enabling the FOOT clan tag to become commonplace at the top of scoreboards. Winning should always be the end-goal of FOOT clan members in whatever game/competition they are involved in.

FOOT clan was created for true gamers, intended to be void of the typical BS of gaming clans, and a feather in the hat of real gamers. We are not the destination, but the path and the community to get you wherever you want to go.

Advanced Warfare: Induction Trailer from the 2014 E3 Press Conference

CALL of DUTY: Advanced Warfare World RevealTrailer

                                                                                                                                                         It is Finally  here! The new Map DLC Map Pack Invasion with 3 Brand new MP maps, 1 Throwback map from MW2 and an all new Episode of  Extinction!! Check out the Trailers below!!

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I would like to announce that we have formed an alliance with the MGSF clan on the PSN. what does this mean..? Those members that have PS3/4 now have a clan they can call on for help and vice versa. for more info about them click the picture above

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